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The Vision Process

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Discover and Free Yourself with The Vision Process

A Simple Awakening Practice

Guided Self-Exploration

Our vision questions take you on a scientific journey through all layers of yourself, reaching deeper and deeper into your core being. These are questions that you have never been asked before, so prepare to look at things you have never seen. It will radically shift the way you look at yourself and the world. For the first time you will see how your mind-body functions as one organic whole.


Our wisdom teachings open your mind so you can step out of your discomfort and look beyond. You will receive them with your heart, because those words are not directed at your intellect. Instead you will enter a place of undeniable truth, that can not be taken away from you once you have seen it. It is a wisdom that lives and teaches through love, joy, clarity and kindness.

Expressive Writing

Our unique writing practice leads you to discover what you truly think and believe, by allowing yourself to let all thoughts and feelings flow. You will learn to express inner blockages and thus recognise your shadows, all within a safe, non-consequential environment. Through writing it all out you lower the resistance towards yourself and create more space for authenticity.

This threefold approach is the key to Awakening in Real-time.

Everyone’s process is unique as we all come from our own place in time and yet The Vision Process meets each individual at the perfect point of opening. In order to wake up we need to allow the dark to come to the light – just to realise that the dark has never been dark.

Each element of our process guides you smoothly through the sometimes challenging unfolding of your limitations, until it triggers your own intelligence to rise to authority. This is experiential awakening – the only awakening that sets you free.

To Join The Vision Process 2023*

Price per Month – 4 Classes: 254€

*Single Trial Classes available upon Inquiry – 67€.

As human beings on this earth, we all face the same challenges and difficulties in one way or another.

Many of us live stressful lives juggling work, relationships, family and many responsibilities. We worry about the future, our health, money and the planet.

We face our own desires, limitations, obstacles and fears. We want to grow, learn, become better people and live our dreams. We simply want to be happy.

At the same time we might realize that we are stuck and don’t manage to get to where we want to be. We don’t have answers for recurring questions, we can not solve old patterns, we want to be authentic and love ourselves but don’t know how.

In the Vision Process you go through a guided self-exploration, that stops the ongoing creation of conflicts and tension.

You will discover your own inner knowing and confidence. We show you where to look.

You will enter in a silence, a sacred space within yourself, that never got hurt or disturbed and from there increase your capability of building physical, intellectual and social resources.

You will find a new vision – a new perspective – in all areas of life.

Put yourself first and jump start with us into a whole new dimension of living.

To register for The Vision Process*

*Price per Month – 4 Classes: 254€

*Single Trial Classes available upon Inquiry – 67€.

How The Vision Process Will Benefit You

You are able to dissolve the intensity of stressful thoughts and emotions when they arise. Your body and nervous system relax. As a result you feel more calm and content.

You stop fighting with yourself, others and the world (emotional empowerment) as a natural consequence of truly accepting yourself and therewith others and life as it is.

You can seamlessly integrate what you learn into your daily life. Your personal wisdom kicks in to deal with issues as they come and find practical solutions spontaneously.

You feel more alive as you allow yourself to be real and authentic. You live out of joy and fulfillment instead of fear and worries – as you have instant access to inner balance and peace.

Nothing is in your way for peace and fulfillment but your inner conflicts. There is nothing wrong with you and you do not need to constantly improve… as you find home.

The Vision Process is scientific, radical, and empowering you to live your own authority and authenticity.

Your participation is anonymous, which gives you the option to open up in a safe, supportive way and meet yourself beyond your persona and ego.

It is not another theoretical teaching course. It is not about understanding via the mind.

In this process you will know – for yourself, by yourself and this way trust yourself fully. It will destroy your dependencies and you will finally learn to walk on your own.

Join Us

Practical Info

Awakening Classes:

  • Classes are on Mondays or Thursdays @ 7pm Berlin time (other times can be arranged upon inquiry and according to demand)
  • Each Class lasts approx. 2 hours
  • Participants who book a full Month have 24/7 access to a private room to practice assignments
  • Once you have registered we will send you payment and login information
  • For any questions you have please use the registration form

Classes take place:

  • In a small group setting, where you will attend anonymously
  • In a secure, private and friendly online chatroom
  • In real time with live – guidance
  • In the comfort of your home

During the Class:

  • The Vision Process is a writing process – we choose to not use video or audio. This is for you so that you can fully focus on yourself and your self discovery.
  • While the process is not about creating connections with others, you will be surprised by the intimacy in the chat room – with yourself and the other participants.
  • Classes are composed of a succession of questions and teachings, in which you will be asked to write about you.
  • All that is required of you is a bit of courage, honesty and a willingness to follow along.

Register here for The Vision Process*

*Price per Month – 4 Classes: 254€

*Single Trial Classes available upon Inquiry – 67€.


Toni L.

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!  So wonderful. Simply being in the moment is so important to me. Suddenly all is easy.“


Finally I know who I am. An ingenious way to realize how I create my own reality.“

Michelle W.

„I am not even scared of Sunday anymore. Never again so much drama. I can relax and give my mind a break.“

Who we are

The Vision Process is led by the most warm hearted, beautiful, enlightened and sharp Zen Master, who decided to stay in the background.

Nevertheless he is happy to share his work with the world. He mentors people from all walks of life: business leaders, artists, struggling couples, lost individuals, medical experts, people who are looking for answers about their life and all in between and beyond.

Behind him stands an international group of mindfulness teachers to support him to bring his work to the world.

The Vision Process is a process that doesn’t exist anywhere else and has been created to be anonymous. This is one Uniqueness of the Process – to not focus on any persona.

It is a process of self discovery that manages to go through the obstacles of self-realization.

It is about recognizing that – what you have been looking for all your life – call it love, peace, joy, fulfillment, purpose, god or any other word – is already present.

We are here on this amazing, beautiful and resourceful planet. Life is absolutely stunning. 
And it is time to step out of our inner conflict and see that!

The Vision Process

„The last Self – Improvement Seminar of your Life.“

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